ESQ products are used in various fields of industries.


Our tubing production is compatible with various materials.
We deal with 45 different materials (alloys) including rare and precious metals that are difficult to process for fine tubing.

Stainless Austenitic, ferritic, and duplex alloys
Ni Alloys Ni#200, 201, and other alloys
Ti and Ti Alloys Gr1, Gr2, Ni-Ti, β-Ti, and others
Rare Metal Ta, Nb, and their alloys
Precious Metal Ag, Au, Pt, and their alloys
5-horsepower drawbench 1
10-horsepower drawbench 1
3-horsepower drawbench (heat processing) 1
Continuous drawing machine 3
Bright annealing continuous conveyor furnace 1
Bright annealing continuous furnace 1
Rolling pipe straightener 4
Rotary pipe straightener 3
grinding wheel cutting machine 10
Rotating barrel 3
Centrifugal barrel 1
Vibration barrel 1
Power press machine 5
Procon pipe processing machine 3
Projector 1
Laser micrometer 2
Micro-Vickers hardness tester 1
CCD measurement microscope 1
Automatic outer diameter tester 1
Helium leak detector 1