One-stop Production

We are developing not only a tube as raw material, but also a tube as functional part.
We have established an integrated production system that allows us to perform secondary processing such as cutting, pressing, and bending in addition to our precision tube drawing technology.
Furthermore, for the mass production of medical equipment tubes, especially biomaterial tubes to be placed in vivo, we conduct our tube manufacturing and shipping inspections in a semi-clean room to ensure thorough quality controls.

Production Equipment

Name Unit(s)
Bright annealing continuous conveyor furnace 2
Bright annealing continuous furnace(for super-elastic materials) 1
3-roll rolling mill 1
Large drawing machine 1
Medium-sized drawing machine 4
Semi-automatic drawing machine 1
Rolling pipe straightener 3
Rotary pipe straighteners 2
Small grinding wheel cutting machine 12
Large grinding wheel cutting machine 1
Small semi-automatic cutting machines 3
Rotating barrel 4
Centrifugal barrel 2
Vibration barrel 1
Centrifugal dryer 1
Sandblaster 4
Long ultrasonic cleaning machine Ⅼ3000 1
Ultrasonic product cleaner 1

Inspection Equipment

Name Unit(s)
Tensile tester 1
Roundness measuring instrument 1
Helium leak detector 1
Projector 1
Surface roughness meter 1
Hardness tester (HV) 1
Measuring microscope 1
Portable component analyzer
(Fluorescent X-ray analysis)
High-sensitivity low-permeability meter 1
CCD microscope 1
Laser micrometer 3