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Why us? What makes us the ‘Rare Metal Meister’

Why are our tubes so precise? Why is it that we can manipulate any type of rare metal?

Hardness-Free Hyper Extrusion Technology

Every rare metal has an appropriate condition when it is extruded. Our long experience and experiments have found the most appropriate condition such as temperature and pressure. Our unique technology ‘Hardness- Free Hyper Extrusion Technology’ is the reason of our finest metal tube.

Why do our tubes have the thinnest wall?

Quantum Manipulation

TechnologyEach metal is theoretically only able to achieve a specific ‘smallest’ size because it is composed of crystals. However, we overcome this by decomposing the metals at their crystalline level; hence, we have manufactured tubes which theoretically cannot be manufactured. The picture shows the Tantalum tube which has a wall thickness that is smaller than its theoretical size.

How is it that our tubes are so well-finished? How do we debar?

Rare Metal Meister Craftsmanship

The fundamental cause of our beautifully finished tubes is our professionalism. Any metal can be finely made; however, many people lack the patience and refuse to put in the effort to find out the best conditions to manufacture satisfactory products. Never compromise is the root of ‘Rare Metal Meister Craftsmanship’.